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WillBeAllRight - COVID 19 and EMOTION Conference

At TALENTFIRST we have core values, and community and solidarity are some of the most important. For us, it is crucial that we live our values daily and have them as guidance for decision making and our behavior. When we were working on the values, of course, we didn't consider what solidarity means for us in times of a virus pandemic. But here we are, and the question is, how can our values guide us now?

We saw many in our feed that had existential fears. Of course, we were impacted by the situation, too; however, we had enough funds to be afloat for a few more months. That is why we decided to use some of our capacity to help people in immediate need, people who are not just worried by what the future might bring, but people who don't know how to pay the next rent or urgent bills. Instead of holding on to our money, we wanted to be true to our values and live solidarity and be a part of the community. So, Alex Jozwik (co-founder of our mother - CodersFirst - and Advisor at TALENTFIRST) decided to start the initiative WillBeAllRight-COVID 19 on Github. It's one place for all necessary information during COVID-19 layoffs for employers, employees, and people from the tech community who've been recently laid off. This document intends to put all essential information in one easily accessible and community modifiable place. Layoffs are hard and sucks. We just wanted to let you know you're not alone.

Now, when the WillBeAllRight - COVID 19 initiative has been appreciated by the tech community in Europe, Alex is invited to be a speaker at EMOTION Women's Days 2020.

She will talk about community and solidarity through WillBeAllRight - COVID 19 during her presentation, "We rise by lifting others."

Join her on 23. October 2020 at 11.05. The conference is entirely digital.

Visit our Linkedin Profile to get a link to join the conference.


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