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We help companies hire great people and people help join their teams. We believe that the mix of efficiency, speed, and proper culture is the key to build game-changing teams.

Whenever you need an expert in sourcing or technical interviewing - you can choose one of our service

Dostarczamy pierwsza na swiecie kompleksową usługę od strategii, przez sourcing, a także interview engineering. Możemy dopasować się tam, gdzie brakuje Ci mocy lub możesz skorzystać całościowo. Nie ważne, które z rozwiązań wybierzesz, będziemy Cię wspierać w jak najbardziej efektywny sposób.




The efficiency of hiring is one of our mission

We're the world-first company offering complex recruitment services for companies at every stage.

We come from building technical recruitment products, where we have built the most efficient recruitment processes and the best talent acquisition solutions. All our services are based on statistics and cultural-fit.

We will help you in the recruitment area where you lack power: talent acquisition, strategy, sourcing or interview engineering.



Eliminate the cost of recruitment agencies fee by embedding our expert who works on a monthly subscription. No surprises, just predictable and sustainable growth.

Accelerate talent acquisition and supplement your hiring pipeline with candidates: actively seeking and passive, who are less competitive.



We help transform your business


A company's engineering team

Qualified Technical Interviewers



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Increase capacity to interview, unlock software engineering productivity, and deliver an exceptional candidate experience.

Interviewing is often a part-time job. Only 10- 20% of team members have the availability to interview software engineering job candidates. Far fewer have the expertise to do so with the consistency needed to yield predictable results.

Interviewing less, coding more.

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