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API Full-Stack Engineer

What is a Full-Stack Developer?

A full-stack developer works on both: the front end and back end of a website or an app.

What skills are required to be a Full-Stack Developer?

Full-stack engineers are comfortable with a wide range of web technologies. On the front end, they're working with HTML, CSS and Javascript. On the back end, many of them working with 1 or more programming language like Java, Ruby, PHP or Python. Most of them are comfortable with at least 2 of programming languages. They're able to learn new one, if needed.

What is the role of a Full-Stack Developer?

This kind of developer usually builds and supports a web application. Companies are decide to hire full-stack developer instead of splitting the job between separate frontend and backend developers in order to build software quickly and allow for more flexibility. For some companies, there may not always be the same amount of front end work as back end work, so having full-stack developers that can move between different areas can be very helpful.

This is full-stack web engineer who focus mostly on building APIs and back-end business logic. They step in and do front-end work when needed (in order to own a feature). Their strength is on the server side. They are strong in multiple back-end languages and have experience with databases and schema design.
API- focused
Full Stack Engineer
This is a full-stack web engineer with strong CS fundamentals. They are comfortable doing complexity analysis and reasoning about binary heap data structures. Their experience is in full-stack engineering. However, what stands out about them is their skill solving hard programming problems.
Full Stack Engineer
This is a full-stack web engineer whose most notable characteristic is their productivity. They do both front-end and back-end work (and can own a feature from end to end). But what really stands out about them is their high level of productivity. They are a move fast and break things programmer.
Producivity-focused Full Stack Engineer
This is a full-stack web engineer who focus on building user-facing products. They are comfortable with databases, and step in and do back-end work as needed to own a feature from end to end. However, they tend to focus more on the front-end. They are strong in JavaScript.
Full Stack Engineer
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