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FRIDAY is the first digital insurer in Germany that offers its own car tariffs. The company has developed a cloud-based insurance platform and has been offering innovative products completely paperless, mobile, and completely digital since March 2017. With the pay-per-kilometer tariff, customers can enjoy FRIDAY insurance cover from as little as 1 cent per kilometer. The pay-per-kilometer tariff particularly appeals to infrequent drivers, second-car drivers, and customers for whom flexibility and fairness are important.

We helped FRI:DAY to fill out ASAP engineering vacancies in Berlin.



Organization size

time (2).png

1 month

Project duration



Hires made


60 days faster



  1. Hire 2 engineers in 1 month in Berlin. 

  2. Reduction of the time to hire metric.

  3. Elimination of offers rejections and outplacements.


As the number of the hires wasn't large, we decided to go with the Source model and Strategy model. TALENTFIRST onboarded the company during the structured call with CTO and Head of HR. It helps the company better explain their needs, company culture, and internal processes. TALENTFIRST expert has mapped out the profile of the ideal candidate and made an audit of the whole recruitment process held by the company. 


  1. Mapping of hiring needs.

  2. To optimize, the hiring process TALENTFIRST expert improved the process of making offers to increase the acceptance rate and at the same time reduce time to hire metric and introduce the feedback system to decrease outplacements.

  3. Active sourcing of candidates through the TALENTFIRST community, Linkedin, AmazingHire tool, StackOverflow, TALENTFIRST website.


  1. The Talent Acquisition process was optimized and helped the company predict who is going to accept the offer, which at the same time reduces the time to hire metric. 

  2. The feedback system filters out early on hires who are not happy with the company and provides reasons for dissatisfaction.

  3. 31% of outplacement less in a year.

  4. 2 engineers hired in a month.

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