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Ready to give CodersFirst a try?

At CodersFirst, technology is core to everything we do. We use statistics and quantitative methods instead of a gut feeling. This approach is present at all stages: from sourcing candidates to assessing their skills and matching them to your needs.

We collect information on how to pitch your product and ask for technical details of the position for which you are hiring. This helps us build a preliminary matching model.
Matching candidates
Candidates decide if they take an interest in your company when we identify you as a good match.
Pitch calls
If they do, you book an initial call to pitch your company and check the culture fit.
Onsite interview
If both you and the candidate decide to continue, you bring your candidate directly to an onsite interview – with no additional phone screenings or take-home coding challenges.
After each onsite, we collect your feedback on the candidate’s performance. This data helps us optimise the model and improve its accuracy.
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