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We want to achieve it by:
Iterating and refining a process that is backed by scientific, quantitative methods instead of a gut feeling.
Further improving our interviewing format to discover your full engineering potential.
Intelligently routing you to companies where you can add the most value while removing biases that can hold you back.
We follow these principles
A clear signal on abilities over gut feelings
The existing hiring process is rarely accurate. Companies mostly use CV screening as a first filter, while interviewers often don’t know which question to ask and how to score. These methods rely entirely on gut feeling and can’t say how good you are at programming.

CodersFirst’ statistically-informed process is to extract a clear signal on abilities. Our quantitative approach better predicts results than evaluations based on gut feeling.
Strengths over shortcomings
Current hiring processes focus on uncovering your shortcomings to minimize the risk of wrong hiring decisions (false positive) to save money. Often misleading, this process can disqualify engineers who could do that job well (false negative).

We do it differently. Our interviewing format is screening your abilities to identify your engineering strengths and weaknesses to see your full potential. On this basis, we match you with companies looking for your skillset.
Science over unrealistic methods
Recruitment processes attempt to predict future job performance. Whiteboards or advanced algorithmic questions fail at this task. Science is clear about that.

At CodersFirst, we use science to structure the hiring process in a way that ensures the best prediction of a candidate’s job performance.
Feedback over silence
Companies rarely have time to give meaningful feedback on how you did during the interview.

We believe that accurate information is the only way to help you grow. That’s why we always provide you with feedback on what, in our opinion, your strengths are, and what might be improved.
Continuous improvement over rigidity

The existing recruitment process rarely questions the point of repeating activities that don’t work, like CV screening or whiteboards.

We believe that the hiring process should be a continuously improved work-in-progress. At CodersFirst, we are experimenting and looking for the best interviewing format. And we will never stop.

Objectiveness over bias
We all use mental shortcuts and matching patterns (i.e. unconscious bias) to make decisions faster. This approach often proves harmful for engineers from diverse backgrounds.

At CodersFirst, we assess the candidates without looking at their CV and background. Instead, we entirely focus on their abilities to remove a significant amount of bias that can hold back some talented engineers.

Manifesto for engineering hiring process

At CodersFirst, we aim to build the most efficient engineering recruitment process in the world.

Here you can check how background-blind process works

Fast-track to your next job

At CodersFirst, we are creating a new process that removes all typical recruitment steps that don't work, focuses on your strengths, and gets you offers that best match your skills and needs.


Final Interview

Final Interview

Final Interview

Final Interview

STEP 1: Discover your engineering strengths

One technical quiz and interview

Discover your skills with one structured quiz and interview. Benefit from multidimensional feedback to improve and grow your abilities

STEP 2: Get offers that match your strengths and preferences

A job that fits you,
at a top tech company you like

We only match you with top tech companies actively seeking engineers like you. No offers from companies where technology isn’t a core.

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