Frequently asked questions

What CodersFirst do?

We deliver technically assessed Software Engineers ready for your On-site Final Interview. We want to lower the cost of interviewing and increase significantly the quality and diversity of the candidates.

How does the screening process looks like?

Every programmer needs to pass our adaptive online part of evaluation which takes around 1 hour and then take part in the structured Technical Interview with one of our trained Technical Interviewer (Senior Software Engineers) (~2 hour).

During our Interview we do a live-coding part and we go deep into Software Engineering topics like web systems, low-level programming or system design and architecture. We have a multidimensional scoring system that allows us to evaluate candidates objectively.

Thanks to our standardized and background-blind process we are able to introduce you to high quality Software Engineers with significantly reduced BIAS.

We’ve been working on this hiring process for the last 3 years, experimenting on different approaches and applying scientific achievements which results in set of questions, scenarios and well-defined scoring systems.

Hiring process is our core so we still measure and improve this process and will never stop.

What types of programmers can you provide?

At the moment we provide Full-stack, Back-end and Generalist Engineers. All levels, from recent grads to 15 years of professional experience.

What are CodersFirst expectations for us?

1. You can't screen and verify candidates before your On-site Interview.

Our evaluation process replaces your upfront work like screening calls and take-home coding challenges giving you opportunity to focus more on company culture match during the Final Interview!

2. Be actively hiring and seamlessly communicating with our team.

Our common goal is the most effective hiring process. To make it possible you need to have real needs and communicate with us and candidates within a reasonable time frame.

3. Follow our hiring guideliness: Pitch Call, On-Site Interview and Making offers.

How you present your company, doing on-site interviews and making offers matters. We've been there and we've seen this. Now we are open to share our knowledge on how to make it with great results!

How much do you charge?

We charge a fee per hire. We provide 6 months full refund guarantee in case you or the candidate terminate the contract

Do you provide programmers on all types of contracts?

At the moment we provide ready to close candidates for full-time roles.

I have a question that is not covered in the FAQ.

Just send us an e-mail:

What is the CodersFirst score?

To objectively score candidate's responses and translate his/her answers to employers' needs we developed and structured a multidimensional approach using both principles of adaptive testing to estimate programmers' skills and behaviorally anchored rating scale. The results provide us with a prediction how likely a candidate is to pass your on-site interview.