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Funnel is changing the way we think and interact with data by taking messy, siloed data from over 500 platforms and automatically generating Business-Ready data that is fully harmonized, instantly refreshed and always ready to act upon.

Our partnership has helped Funnel save over EUR 84 558.

We initially joined Funnel for 5 months, before returning for a 6-month extension.



Organization size

time (2).png

5 months

Project duration



Hires made


EUR 84 558! 

Total savings


  1. Building a 17 people tech team from scratch in the new localization.

  2. Optimization of the Talent Acquisition process to make it fast, effective, and in accordance with the habits of the IT community.


Considering the needs of the company, we have decided together to deploy our full-time Talent Partner for 5 months into their team. We choose an embedded model because it's the most optimal approach to share our knowledge and hire a whole tech team efficiently. Talent Partner effectively optimizes the existing Talent Acquisition process by making it efficient and ready for scale-up.

The Talent Partner joined a Swedish office for a week-long onboarding and then worked remotely until the company set up a new office. This solution made TALENTFIRST an extension of the Funnel team with a full understanding of what the company really wants and the possibility to adapt to how the company works.


  1. Share our knowledge of different types of contracts, pointing out the differences, advantages, and weaknesses.

  2. Preparation of the Talent Acquisition strategy.

  3. Optimization of the recruitment process in terms of speed and accuracy in the selection of candidates.

  4. Implementation of the Talent management: scheduling meetings/calls, follow-ups, offers extending, rejection process, feedback process, relationship process.

  5. Full adoption & representation of partner brand & culture.

  6. Active sourcing of candidates through the TALENTFIRST community, Linkedin, AmazingHire tool, StackOverflow, TALENTFIRST website, Funnel websites.


  1. The company was prepared to start hiring in new localization.

  2. The Talent Acquisition process was optimized and universal. It helped hire in scale. 

  3. Cost reduction by 52 % compared to classic recruitment on Success Fee.

  4. 17 people hired in 5 months.

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