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in a high growth era.

Our tried and tested methodologies have ensured the building of strong teams that ship awesome products for 200+ tech companies at every stage of growth in Europe. We started in 2016 with a mission to eliminate wasted onsites by building the most efficient tech interviewing process in the world. From that time, data and experience allowed us to partner with companies at every stage of the hiring pipeline, not only at interviewing. TalentFirst makes hiring smoother and reduces time to hire and cost per hire significantly.





Everything we do is centred around, making it smoother for you to hire. That means allowing you to hire at scale by deploying our Talent Partner into your team. Or ramp up your hiring pipeline through our Talent Acquisition Service. Or outsource Interview Engineering like you outsource server management to AWS. And in many other ways... You hire. You choose what you need. Sounds pretty sweet, no?

What makes us smooth






Ready-made Embedded Talent Expert deployed into your company to supercharge your recruiting function and achieve hiring at scale.


Ideal for: Tech companies lacking the capacity or capability to hire at the scale, velocity and quality needed.

DURATION: 3-12 months +

Insight-driven talent sourcing and engagement service, using best-in-class tech tactics and technologies to accelerate your hiring pipeline.


Ideal for: Tech companies looking to ramp up their hiring pipelines with quick to access, qualified talent pools.

DURATION: Flexible

Fair and enjoyable tech interviews run by experienced software engineers

who deliver highly predictive data on candidates' performance.


Ideal for: engineering teams at all companies to accelerate hiring while interviewing less and coding more.

DURATION: Flexible

It's an in-depth and customized hiring strategy prepared by our top experts with experience in hiring from early-stage tech to IPO companies.


Ideal for: Tech companies lacking the capability, resource or time to execute on key strategic initiatives.

DURATION: Flexible

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